Roles and responsibilities

Junior cricket game
Educating entry level umpires
Volume 8 Number 2
Cricket Australia has targeted their entry level training to the needs of umpires at this level and are reaping the rewards.
Female basketball referee in action
Recruiting female officials
Volume 8 Number 2
An insight into recruiting female officials in the sport of Basketball.
A group of people drinking alcohol
Alcohol and your performance
Volume 8 Number 2
Have you considered how your alcohol intake might be affecting your performance as an official?
Portrait of Tony Wynd
Editorial - A great way to be part of sport
Volume 7 Number 1
Becoming an official is often not a conscious decision for most first time officials.  A person will be asked to help out, or see the need to take on a role, and before they know it, they are an official.
Officials shaking hands
My call: Officiating ...who is key?
Volume 6 Number 1
Have you ever considered who is looking after you in your officiating role? Who is the key person in your association driving officiating?
Boxing in action
Officials: alert not aloof
Volume 5 Number 2
Gone, it seems are the days of the overzealous, authoritarian umpire or referee who ruled to the letter of the law and stood aloof and apart from the sport in which they were involved.
Officiating panel
My call: Improving your performance as an official
Volume 5 Number 2
Fairness. Integrity. Accountability. These are the key features that the sporting public expects of its officials, as indicated in research conducted during the Year of the Official. How does this impact on the way in which you undertake your responsibilities as an official?
Basketball official
What's going on at the Australian Sports Commission?
Volume 5 Number 2
The Australian Sports Commission's Coaching and Officiating unit will be undertaking a number of Officiating initiatives in the period 2005-2008.
Hockey official in action
Officiating - More than just the rules!
Volume 4 Number 1
The Central Highlands Sports Assembly Officiating Reference Group has created a workshop program, 'Officiating - more than just the rules', for young and/or inexperienced officials.
Basketball officail in action
Editorial - National officiating initiatives
Volume 4 Number 2
National officiating initiatives from the Australian Sports Commission.

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